African Coconut And Papaya Soap

African Coconut And Papaya Soap
This amazing soap is made with natural ingredients using the marvelous healing qualities of Coconut oil.
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African Coconut And Papaya Soap

Coconut And Papaya Soap with Vanilla bean 

This amazing soap is made with natural ingredients using the marvelous healing qualities of Coconut oil which is renowed and well known for its skin healing and nourishing qualities, also Papaya, which contains Papain, a naturally occurring enzyme, is a base for organic makeup and has been used in tropical medicine to prevent adhesions, dissolve dead skin cells, loosen pore blockage and stimulate circulation. 

This nourishing Coconut Oil soap is made with nutrient-rich tropical ingredients high in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids working together to stimulate collagen production, improve skin firmness and naturally smooth wrinkles. Vanilla Beans gently buff skin as Papaya's gentle enzymatic action dissolves dead skin cells, loosens pore blockage and stimulates circulation. Shea Butter and Coconut Oil rehydrate skin, improving suppleness and protecting against moisture loss. 

Key Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Papaya Enzymes, Comfrey Root extract, Vanilla Bean. 

Antioxidant-rich Coconut Oil is easily absorbed into the skin to protect the skin against damage by preventing free radical formation. Coconut Oil also strengthens connective tissues to prevent sagging, wrinkles and blemishes, and helps reduce skin inflammation. 
Papaya enzyme exfoliates, stimulates circulation and firms skin. 
Shea Butter and anti-inflammatory Comfrey Root extract promote healing. 
Usage: all skin types 
Natural Aroma: Sweet, tropical
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