Massage and Aromatherapy the complete book of

Massage and Aromatherapy the complete book of
A Practical Illustrated Step-by-step Guide to Achieving Relaxation and Well-being with Top-to-toe Body Treatments and Essential Oils
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Massage and Aromatherapy the complete book of

This is a practical illustrated step-by-step guide to achieving relaxation and well-being with top-to-toe body treatments and essential oils. This is a comprehensive practical guide to head, face, body and foot massage and aromatherapy treatments, for health and harmony. Over 150 techniques introduce the massage strokes and essential oil applications for quick-fix daily remedies and slow, therapeutic relaxation treatments, fully illustrated in more than 1500 photographs. This title includes self-administered remedies as well as methods of treating partners, friends and family, and offers sequences designed specifically for babies and children, expectant mothers, and the elderly. It provides therapies for common ailments including headaches and sinus problems, stress at work, insomnia, muscular pain, cellulite, and digestive disorders. This is the ultimate guide to working with top-to-toe massage and therapeutic oils to improve your health and to ease the stresses and strains of modern life. More than 150 illustrated techniques are included, showing how to harness the natural healing ability of touch and essential oils, and demonstrating how easily these therapies can be practised at home as part of a daily routine. All the techniques are illustrated in detailed step-by-step sequences, with over 1500 pictures, making the various disciplines simple to follow with ease and confidence. This is the ultimate guide to massage and aromatherapy, for both beginner and experienced practitioner alike.


  • Paperback | 512 pages
  • 170.18 x 218.44 x 40.64mm

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