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      Massage Table Care & Warranty

      Vinyl Care / (Warranty)

      Vinyl is the only part of a massage table not covered by the table manufacturer’s warranty, so it pays to look after it. Clean it regularly with warm soapy water, avoid cleansers that include alcohol and/or citrus ingredients, as these could dry out the vinyl, causing it to crack or bubble and never use your table for any modality without the protection of a quality toweling cover (or at least thick bath towels that fully cover the table). Don’t assume that because you work in a modality where no massage oil is used (e.g. medical practitioner, reiki, chiropractic or shiatsu, etc.) that your table does not require regular cleaning or the use of a cover. Human body oils, perspiration, etc. are still deposited on the table, and will eventually cause vinyl degradation if the table is not protected and cleaned regularly.

      The vinyl covering of your table is very important. Due to the relatively low cost of purchasing massage tables these days, it may not economically viable to reupholster your table if the vinyl is damaged or cracked and has become  visually unpleasant
      So you need to care for your vinyl properly to get the maximum possible life from it.

      Main factors causing vinyl to crack may be lack of attention to cleaning the table after use. Body oils, perspiration, and massage oil residues will all draw the plasticisers out of the vinyl if they are allowed to dry on it. The damage may be imperceptible at first, but with time the vinyl will be irreparably damaged. There are also certain chemicals and solvents that damage vinyl that may unwittingly find there way onto the vinyl. Heat and light are also mitigating factors to be considered in vinyl deterioration.

      Maintaining Your Massage Table

      Taking a proactive approach to the care of your massage and spa table will minimize the risk of unnecessary damage, help eliminate the opportunity for injury to the client, and help you develop a regular routine that will maximize the life of your massage table. You should regularly check the condition of your massage table as part of your cleaning routine. Check the frames, braces, legs, and connections of your table and look out for leg adjustment knobs regularly. Nothing is worse than a wobbly table when giving a massage. Tighten the knobs, nuts and bolts and look out for cracks or any other sign of damage. Take the opportunity to switch the face cradle regularly from end to end. This will lessen any natural wear and tear on the table.

      Keep your table out of extreme hot and cold temperatures. Believe it or not, the temperature can damage your table’s upholstery. It is not good to expose the massage table fabric to temperatures below 32°F/0°C or above 95°F/35°C.

      Always Keep Your Massage Table Covered and Properly Stored

      Never leave your massage table uncovered. Leaving it bare can leave it open to spills, or damage from someone sitting on it with sharp objects like keys, phones, pens and other items in their pocket. Always have a sheet or a protective fleece cover on the table, even when not in use.  When transporting the table, always place it in the table bag to protect the vinyl from scuffs or abrasions. Don’t leave your Massage Table in your car where it is exposed to extreme temperatures. This can cause upholstery to weaken becoming more vulnerable to rips and tears. Oils can also damage your table so it’s very important to remove oil stained sheets from your table at the end of the day. (Mild soapy water can remove residue, follow with a mild non alcoholic disinfectant Be mindful of your sheets as well, as these should never be allowed to sit overnight soiled. Sheets should be cleaned daily. To get the best results, utilize a massage detergent specifically designed with enzymes that help remove the grime left from massage lubricants.


      Returns/Exchange Policy


      If for any reason you have a change of mind after purchasing any of our tables. You have 7 days to return or exhchange your table. Tables must be returned to us unused and in there original condition; Including all packaging. 

      Customers are required to pay for the return postage of the table. We are happy to help organise a freight forward at customers expense.




      Our Massage Table warranty does not cover claims relating to foam cushioning, vinyl upholstery coverings, and any accessory parts that may suffer from normal wear and tear. Or damage or deterioration by factors that are out of our control.

      Our warranty is applicable only to flaws/defects in workmanship, structural materials/parts, and/or components. The warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear, altered or removed parts/components, defects resulting from misuse/unintended use, lack of maintenance, accidents, spills, exposure to extreme conditions, or incidental and consequential costs such as; storage, telephone, rental, shipping, transportation, inconvenience, loss of income, loss of time, or other consequential damages. Any modifications made to the product will void the warranty completely.

      The warranty does not cover any accessory parts that may be included with the massage table; including face cradles, face pillows, carrying bags, sheets, and bolsters.

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